i'm andrea oleniczak 



current currency...

location is the green mountain state

gig is team member in a builder's paradise

goals are to take a solo flight & complete the vermont gran fondo on june 25th

uncurrent currency...


my last gig was the design innovation hub & ecosystem manager at kent state university. you can hear me chat about the 'di hub' on the make:cast podcast with dale dougherty of make magazine. ​

many gigs ago list is here... minus almost my whole glass career, apprenticeships, and art exhibitions - but that's better told over a drink - I still occasionally blow glass at ao glass which has a cute little store inside where you can watch the glassblowers and walk around to find coffee, bread, sweets, sandwiches, electric neighborhood vehicle prototypes, wine, bagels, beer, music, makers and art <3

if you'd like to connect i'm active on instagram, and have email...  andrea (dot) oleniczak (at) gmail (dot) com

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